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1974 Bligh's Discovery of Aitutaki
2 sets mwking blocks of 4 to show alternative positions. (12 stamps)

Mint Never Hinged$12.00
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1975 Apollo-Soyuz sheetlet
sheetlet of 2

Mint Never Hinged$1.30
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1976 Children's Christmas Fund
Miniature Sheetlet of 8

Mint Never Hinged$1.00
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1977 Cenrtenary of the Telephone
Miniature Sheetlet of 2

Mint Never Hinged$0.70
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1977 Christmas sheetlet
Sheetlet of 8

Mint Never Hinged$0.80
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1977 Silver Jubilee M/Sheetlet
Miniature sheetlet of 4

Mint Never Hinged$1.30
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1981 Birds
Definitive set of 36

Mint Never Hinged$60.00
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1985 Audubon Birds
set of 5

Mint Never Hinged$7.00
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1985 Christmas/Halley's Comert
set of 4

Mint Never Hinged$8.00
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1985 Life & Times of the Queen Mother
set of 4 Ref # 1040

Mint Never Hinged$5.00
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